Retro OLW from 2013


Irrigate was my OLW for 2013.

So, I watered my soul

with infrequent success.

I planted seeds of learning

that grew as my students’ English improved.

I made new friends

who in turn irrigated my soul

deep down where it was dry.

I irrigated my plants

both inside and outside.

I watched them grow and multiply.

I started to irrigate my body

by watching my input and decreasing

my waistline.

On some days my steps increased and on others

I needed fresh water in order to irrigate.

I irrigated my mind by ordering professional books.

Some have sticky notes on many pages

others are waiting to look a bit more used.

I shared ideas with colleagues.

Some thanked me for new ideas

and others where too busy to listen.

I wrote and read when my students did.

I gave them an example of a reader and a writer.

We even blogged in March as a class.

I said goodbye to my daughter

who left for overseas.

I adjusted to an empty house

that is only filled with my noise.

I have missed her terribly,

but I know God is now irrigating her soul.

I learned to irrigate my mind, body and soul

by being with others who feed

my spirit, my mind and my body.

So THANK YOU for irrigating me

by reading my blog and leaving a comment!

Your encouragement and kind words

have sustained me this year through many rough patches!

THANK YOU, my reader, for many wonderful ideas

that I have gathered while reading your blog.

My life would not be as rich as it is

without this blogging community!

Irrigate is saying goodbye as the OLW for 2013.

 OLW for 2014 has not visited me yet.



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