#nErDcampMI 2016


#nErDcampMI 2016–what a tremendous experience again!

My biggest gift at #nErDcampMI this year was the focus on diverse literature for children and young adults!!! So many presenters talked about the need to “flood” classrooms with books that our students can relate to. After all, what is the point in having books if none of them relate to the students that walk into our classrooms.

Thank you @ProfessorNana and @donalynbooks for many wonderful recommendations!

I teach English Learners who do not speak Spanish (except one). Most of my students speak Arabic, Kurdish, Somali, and Urdu. A few also speak Mandingo and French. Finding books for my secondary students, that would be at my students’ reading level AND would interest them, are hard to find. But, this is a MUST!!! The above picture shows a few of my new books that arrived this week. I am eager to read them and get my students  books shopping with new books at the beginning of September!

Do you know books with Somali or Arabic main characters? What about Kurdish or Urdu characters? Please let me know!



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