Blog renewal-Reclaiming my Writing Life


3.28 Plant #2

Renewal, reclaiming, restarting, rebirthing, rejuvenating, or just plain getting back to it. These have been my thoughts for the last few months.

I finally decided that getting back to blogging would be a good time to refresh my writing platform thus this new blog (still under construction).But I had forgotten how time consuming it can be to learn the ins and outs of a new format.

I had to figure out my new widgets, locate my dashboard (yes, but even here a quick Google search provided great results), pick my theme ( I tried a few, and I am still not sure if this will be the final), and all the other small things that go into learning a new platform. Have I mastered this format yet? Absolutely no, but I think I am on my way. Just like the tulips on the above photo I am reclaiming my writing life and getting back to blogging after almost a year just writing with my students or with my small group.

I am so grateful for the little comments and tweets that have asked if everything is okay when I was no longer posting weekly. These reminders have been at the back of my mind when I have pondered my writing journey. They have encouraged me and pushed me to return after being dormant these past months.

I am looking forward to new blooms blossoming in the next few months, sharing and being part of a community that writes!


11 thoughts on “Blog renewal-Reclaiming my Writing Life

  1. I think your “restart” has happened. Beautiful photo! …and there’s no better community than Slice of Life writers to write with. Thanks to Two Writing Teachers, #SOL16. I’ll be looking for those “new blooms blossoming in the next few months.”


  2. Yes, it is nice to see you back. I have been trying to write more, but sometimes it just doesn’t happen. I love your format and the photo. It feels so fresh and new. Looking forward to reading some of your posts.


  3. Yay, Jaana! I’ve missed you! I got on to get ready to write my own slice and then I saw your link, and I got so excited I just had to read your post and comment first, even though I try not to comment before I write unless I’m stuck for ideas! 🙂 Yay, yay, yay for you!


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