Neighbors are a Blessing

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This summer neighbors have been a real blessing to my family and I! Here are just a few examples of neighborly love:

  • We are trying to manage with just one car this summer. Mostly we have done well, but when I was in a training in another city, my wonderful neighbor Sabrina gave my daughter a ride to work!
  • My garden fairy has made many appearances again this summer which means that my flowers are not just surviving but thriving in this hot summer! Reminder to self, post pictures real soon.
  • “Do you need eggs?” This is my neighbor who brings me eggs directly from her brother’s farm! Of course my answer is yes!
  • Last week I pulled a muscle that was very painful and needed to go see a doctor. My daughter had taken the car to go to work, but happily my friend and neighbor, Linda, was home and willing to drive me to the doctor and pharmacy!
  • One other day this summer when I could not get to pick up my daughter from work, and traffic was in stand still all around our city, my neighbor was more than happy to go pick her up at the last bus stop!
  • Another neighbor asked when I was driving her to the airport if we’d want to use her car while she was gone. Yes!!
  • Last Friday I needed to move two sofas! One needed to go to a charity shop and the other one was coming to my house from a friend. But wait, I was still not moving normally (the pulled muscle), and I was not sure I could move even one sofa to the door. Then came my neighbor Jim and his brother. Together they moved both sofas. I only had to sweep under the sofa:)

These are just a few things how we help each other around my neighborhood! Wouldn’t you want to live in my neighborhood?


14 thoughts on “Neighbors are a Blessing

  1. I’d love to live in your neighborhood. What a beautiful post! I’m so glad you have all of these wonderful neighbors. I’m sure they would have some kind stories to tell about you. I’m so glad to see you back here on your blog. I’ve MISSED you!!!


  2. You have fabulous neighbors. I was raised to say, “No, I don’t need help” and I’ve learned over the years that it is good to take the help (and friendship) offered by neighbors. It builds stronger ties.


  3. It takes a villiage! I often write about life with our neighbors in my blog (“Cul de Sac Confessions”). They help me when we’re in a lurch, the women get together to drink wine every month, and the guys help eachother with yard work. It sounds like we’re both lucky people!!


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