Last Day of Vacation

This is today. My last day of summer vacation. Officially. So, what is on my agenda for the day:

  • Take my daughter to doc appointment and then to work
  • Go meet at the admin office about after school program
  • Deliver a few more supplies to my classroom (just to get them out the my house)
  • Shop for avocados that are on sale
  • Enjoy reading and commenting
  • Organize the papers that I have printed for their respective binders
  • Pick up my daughter from work
  • Cook dinner
  • get lunches ready for Wednesday
  • go to sleep early

What I should do but will probably not end up doing:

  • go to the gym
  • iron my classroom curtains
  • paint a bookshelf in my classroom
  • mop the floors
  • take the stuff to Goodwill that is sitting in a box in my bedroom (there is always Saturday, right)
  • pull weeds

What I might do if the mood strikes:

  • read a book (Nine, ten: A September 11 Story is waiting for me)
  • read another book (just for fun)
  • Go get that free coffee–and make it a fancy one
  • Sharpen some pencils–should really try my new pencil sharpener
  • Go buy that toolbox that would help organize my supplies in my classroom and print the pretty labels for it
  • take a nap
  • watch a movie–there must be something free On Demand

And then, get ready for teacher meetings in the next few days and students after Labor Day. What does your day look like?


5 thoughts on “Last Day of Vacation

  1. “Enjoy reading and commenting” – last Tuesday and this Tuesday I have thoroughly enjoyed the limited To-Do List that summer brings so I CAN take much more time to write, post, read and leave comments! And my oldest daughter got me hooked on binge-watching The Wire so I will admit, I’m wasting hours on the couch because I can now.


  2. Love the lists all sweetly organized, Jaana. On this last day, enjoy whatever you have to do, being in the car with your daughter, getting that special coffee, and on. Being random is what we cannot do when back to work, so take the day!


  3. We are already in our fourth week of school! (5th if you count the teacher meetings before the kids came) The last day of vacation seems like a long ago dream! Hope you enjoyed yours, especially your FREE coffee. Have a great year! So far, so good for me.


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