I am From

I am from the country where everyone has SISU.

I am from the people who understand and practice perseverance.

I am from love that took little longer to mature

I am educated in three different continents from where my wisdom comes from

I am from the church where love and desire to be a real disciple is important

I am from the community where people are treasured

I am from the school that believes in diversity and celebration of cultures

I am part of a family from whom I draw my strength

I am from the generation that still likes network news, but watches cable for better coverage

I am from the grocery store that has the shortest lines

I am from city that survived  bombings in the past and snow at the present

I am part of the friends that communicate with each other from the couch–you know Skype and Facebook.

I am from the people who were readers, and who have made me fall in love with both reading and writing!

I am from the country where everyone has SISU!