Learning the Fun Way

Last week I spent three wonderful days working with other educators learning how Academic Language can be made accessible for English Learners! We came from all over our state because we are committed to our immigrant and migrant students. We want to learn new ways to help them succeed at school.

Our fearless leader, Kellie, along with our train the trainers team, presented for 3 days while keeping us moving and engaged. We learned strategies and then we got to try them in action. We made mini-books, and then we got to keep the template so that we can modify it to use in our own classrooms. We practiced close reading, and then we got the bookmarks to help us remember how to do it with our students!

We worked hard, laughed a lot, ate good food (either brought in by attendees or at a restaurant), enjoyed chatting with old friends and making new friends. We planned together and individually. We exchanged ideas and shared resources. We encouraged each other and networked for future endeavors.

I am now in a planning mood! I am planning how to use my resources, printing, making copies and even laminating the big ones. I want to be ready in a few weeks to begin the school year with new energy and with new ideas.

I already know that both nErDcampMI and this workshop have influenced my plans for the first day of school. I want to read on the first day! I want my students to write on the first day! I want my students to work together on the first day! I want movement on the first day!

If you are teaching this fall, what are your plans for the first day?